San Francisco'da Staj

 I have been enrolled in J1 visa program since June 2011 and I see that this program one of the best decisions that I gave so far. I believe that it is particularly beneficial for a person at an early stage in his/her career like myself. Getting the chance to work for a year or 18 months in an American company, adding this work experience to my resume, will open  -without any doubt- many doors when I return to my home country. 

However, apart from what it adds to your Resume, the most important quality that I gain here is that I feel like this experience expands my vision in my personal life as much as it does in my career. Living in San Francisco, getting to know the city and people from everywhere around the world, makes me feel blessed everyday. 

I strongly recommend J1 Visa program to those who constantly seek new ways to go beyond themselves and push the limits both in their professionnal and personal lives.

Thank you!

Selin Efendi

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