İtalyan Üniversiteleri Mimarlık Sınavı Hazırlık Kursu

İtalyan üniversitelerinde Mimarlık lisans programına kabul almak isteyen öğrencilerin 10 Nisan 2014 tarihinde girmesi gereken Mimarlık Sınavı için Academix Yurtdışı Eğitim Danışmanlık tarafından İstanbul'da 3-9 Şubat 2014 tarihleri arasında hızlandırılmış sınav hazırlık kursu düzenlenecektir. Kurs İtalyanca olarak verilecek olup, kontenjanlar sınırlıdır.

Kurs detayları aşağıda bulunmakta olup, kursa katılmak isteyen öğrencilerin kurs katılım ücretleriyle ilgili bilgi almak ve kursa kayıt yaptırmak için Academix Taksim şubesi ile irtibata geçmesi gerekmektedir. 

Preparatory course for Architecture

Course content:  The course includes 23 hours of theoretical treatment and 23 of exercises, comprehensive of three simulations: a diagnostic test in order to reach the initial level of training, one after the first half of the course in order to check the knowledge gained and one at the end of the course for a final evaluation.

Course program:

Periodfrom the February 3 to February 9, 2013, for a total of 46 hours of lessons divided in 7 meetings

Days and times: Monday to Sunday, on a daily basis. The courses are held in the morning from 9:00 to 13:00 and from 14:00 to 16:30.

The informations about the location of the course, the calendar and the final time figures will be confirmed in writing (e-mail) at least seven days before the course.

The fee also includes:

       Manuals Theory and Exercises and Quiz Collection Unid Test latest edition of the series;

       Online course of 200 hours;

       Workbooks and handouts specifications made by the team of teachers Unid Education;

       Simulations unlimited www.unidcampus.com available on the site;

Average success rate of the students participating to Architecture Course is %87 during last years. To ensure the best learning conditions, the course is reserved for a limited number of participants.

Course Teachers: 

The faculty UNID has been carefully selected and chosen not only based on their specific knowledge in the various disciplines, but also in relation to their interpersonal skills, including university professors from prestigious national universities, the authors of publications, brilliant researchers who are distinguished for their intellectual and professional qualities, as well as professors of higher education institutes with decades of experience.

The study methodology adopted by more than 270 teachers UNID is innovative, has chosen to place the focus of the individual student with their needs and abilities, careful clarification of key concepts in a simplified way, the teachers themselves as facilitators, so that students learn the tools that will enable them to prepare consciously.